Where you Park!

This Where you Park! page discusses what you should know when parking your ride. Selecting a safe parking spot will aid greatly in discouraging a car thief. Also, how you park will deter those that use flatbeds or tow trucks.

Park with the Wheels Turned - Always park with the wheels turned to their limits. This makes it harder for the vehicle to be moved if the front wheels are turned.

Take Two Parking Spots - Take 2 parking spaces and park at an angle. Again, this makes it harder for the car to be towed away, especially if the front wheels are turned also.

Park in the Open - Thieves love cover. I had the wheels stolen off my corvette when it was parked between a van and a large garbage bin. Ideal cover for the thief to work in.

Park in a Well Lit Area - Thieves hate being seen and any way that you can make them more visible is a deterent. This will discourage the thief if the area is well lit and your ride is visible to all.

Motion Detector Lights - You can get outdoor motion detector lights that will shine on your driveway and back yard. They are a much better deterent than a light that is on all the time. They detect motion by the movement of heat. When they turn off and on, it indicates that there is movement of a person or animal. I have mine cycle very quickly.

Did you know that you can get motion detector switches for replacing your interior wall switches too? I put one in my garage and as soon as any of the garage doors open, the lights turn on. I can walk from the front of my house to the backyard and into the garage and 3 sets of lights turn on automatically. The motion detector between my neighbor's house and mine turns on, the backyard motion detector turns on and the inside garage light motion detector turns on. It's great when your hands are full carrying groceries or car parts.

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