Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold

Originally I was going to use a ram horn exhaust manifold for the passenger side but a new problem on the passenger side! I was trial fitting the rack n pinion unit when I realized that the ram's horn exhaust pipe exitted exactly where the rack and pinion steering sits. From the front of the engine on the driver's side, I have the fuel pump and front crossmember, the motor mount, the rack and the starter motor. There is no place to exit the exhaust downward between the block and the frame!


This exhaust exits into firewall support

I found a cast exhaust manifold that exits into the firewall support. I figure that I can make a 5" diameter hole in the firewall support using steel pipe and exit the exhaust through there. It should look pretty nice. The alternative is to remove the firewall support but that could get messy and wouldn't look right with only the driver's side support present.

The problem was how to center the manifold's exhaust pipe opening in firewall support. I will have to make spacers that would move the manifold away from the block. After several trial and error fittings using wooden blocks cut to size. I determined that 1 7/8" spacers would work perfectly. There may be a clearance problem between the lower exhaust pipe bolt and the frame but I figure I can raise the engine slightly on its engine mounts using some washers.

spacers and manifold

Wooden spacers in place to test fit exhaust manifold

5 inch ring

Hole cut in firewall support and 5 inch diameter ring ready to be welded in place

back side

This is the view from behind the firewall support showing the tight clearance between the firewall, firewall support, ring and frame

I've sand casted a set of cast iron spacers to move the exhaust manifolds 1 7/8" from the block. I'm going to use cast iron to match the temperature expansion/contraction characteristics of the block and manifold. Hopefully, this will stop the bolts from loosening up (come to think of it I should probably use the same material as the bolts!) So with all the fun that I've had milling metal, I'm looking into sand casting.

exhaust spacers

Here's the spacers cleaned up a little bit but in need of final machining

in place

Here's the spacers after machining and temporarily bolted in place while fitting the exhaust pipe

This picture shows the hole and ring welded into the firewall support much clearer. I made some studs from 4 1/2" bolts so that there wouldn't be too much strain on the head's bolt hole threads. Unfortunately, you can't slide the manifold off and on the studs cause the top of the front suspension is in the way. So the studs are screwed in after the manifold is in position which makes it a pain to do but it works.

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