Power Steering Pumps

I'm using a 1985 Olsmobile Toronado power rack n pinion with a 1976 Camaro power steering pump. Interestingly, there's not too many differences in GM steering pumps and a few mods will make almost any work. The actual pressure is determined by a small coil spring used to bleed off the pressure.

I hooked up the 76 Camaro's power steering pump as it had the correct pulleys and mounting brackets. I had a 1985 Park Avenue rack's pump that was identical except for the pulley and mounting bracket. I switched the pressure bleed off spring between the two. Currently, the steering is a bit on the light side, when I get time I'll change the spring so that more effort is needed to turn the wheel.

The return line has little pressure and can be hose clamped. Normally, there is extra line looped in front of the rad for cooling. I will be using a small tranny cooler instead. I had to have the pressure line made for $60. The guy who made it was pretty helpful. He suggested that pressure fittings be used at the hose ends so that the pipe ends can be swiveled for a better fit. That little suggestion sure made a big difference when I hooked it up.

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