Quadrajet Linkage

I originaly hoped that I could use the carb linkage mounting pieces from the 305 2 barrel but they were the wrong distance from the carb. The kickdown was about 2 inches too short and the gas pedal was 1 inch too short. It mounted at the end of the block with one manifold/head bolt and another bolt into the manifold.

two link mounts

4 barrel on left, 2 barrel linkage mount on right (carb would be to the left/firewall to right)

I went to the wreckers and came back with a 4 barrel piece (see above picture) that I thought would work and a kickdown cable mount that I didn't think would work but I picked up "just in case". The 4 barrel linkage mounted on the back of the carburator mounting studs but I ran into two problems right away. The bar that bolts to the carb interfered with the brake booster vacuum and the tranny vacuum line fittings. It also placed the gas pedal linkage 1 inch too close so that the gas pedal could only open the car about 3/4 open.

I tried a gas pedal bracket from one of the junkyard carbs and the "just in case" tranny bracket and wonders of all wonders - they worked perfectly.

the lucky pieces

The gas pedal cable mount is on the left, the kickdown cable mount on right

all together now 1,2,3

All together now, 1,2,3

The critical dimensions for the carburator's linkages are

  • 6 1/4" from the center of the carb's gas pedal stud to the gas pedal cable mounting plate as indicated with the red lines in the above picture.
  • 7 1/2" from the center of the carb's tranny stud to the kickdown cable mounting plate as indicated with the red lines in the picture above

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