Quadrajet Information

The magnificant Quadrajet carburator - you either love it or hate it. When it works, it works wonders, when it doesn't well - look out! This section Quadrajet Information discusses decoding, rebuilding, powertuning and making the linkage work:

Decoding the Quadrajet - You don't need a magic decoder ring but it sure can help. Here's where you find out what the numbers on the side of your Quadrajet mean.

Rebuilding the Quadrajet - Here's step by step instructions on rebuilding the Quadrajet carburator from start to finish.

Power Tuning the Quadrajet - Let's pull some power from the Quadrajet and match it to your engine. Here's step by step instructions on how to get the most bang for the buck!

Connecting the Linkage - You've swapped in a Quadrajet into your frankestein creation, now how do you get the carb linkage sorted out. Here's examples of different Quadrajet linkage and how to make it work.

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