Installing Quarter Windows

This is the procedure for installing side glass into the quarter window on a 1954 Pontiac. It is pretty much the same for door glass and can be used as a reference for pretty much any 50s vehicle.

The first thing you need to install the glass is some tools: soft rubber mallet, soapy water, cardboard, a flat blade and philips screwdriver. The cardboard is used on the floor to protect the glass when you tap in the sash. The soapy water (dish soap) is for lubrication.

All the tools you need to install the rear window into the sash!

First install the rubber sash seal - notice that I'm working with the glass upside down. The large "flap" goes to the outside

This is the sash installed. The sash is the metal "channel" that the glass sits in. Using lots of soapy water, center the sash and starting at one end, gently tap the sash over the glass/rubber. Make sure that the sash doesn't slip to one side and go off center. Also because everything is upside down, double and triple check that the rubber and sash are correctly oriented. The passenger side went on perfectly the first try, the driver's side took seven attempts!

Preparing the regulator and installing

A this point the glass is ready to be installed! Now to work on the regulator side. Here's a picture of what the regulator will look like all installed:

Here's the regulator and channels installed waiting for the glass and sash to be installed

The secret to installing the regulator is to have the gear at the top. The cover is placed on top and both are screwed in place. See previous picture.

Position the back channel guide using the regulator

Slide the back channel over top.

Screw in place

Slide the top channel in from the trunk side on to the regulator rollers

Position the top channel in the center than roll the regulator completely down to make room for the glass

Once you've slid the window in place, hold it completely closed and roll up the regulator. Pull the top channel inwards to allow it to slip into the sash holder. Slide the channel forward or backwards to line up the screw mounting holes. Tighten up and you are done. If my glass was 1/2 inch shorter than I would be able to tighten all the screws as I couldn't roll up the window enough to align with the front opening.

This is where the glass could be 1 to 2" shorter. It doesn't roll all the way down. Don't know if the original could but it would be nice - oh well!.

Here's the window rolled up.

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