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I'm still trying to figure out how to make a nice ram air unit for my Ranger. There are two choices: adding a hood scoop or provide fresh air ducting from the front of the vehicle. I haven't found an inexpensive hood scoop yet and thought that ducting would be cheaper and easier. Unfortunately, It's pretty tight around the radiator support to find a path for to allow fresh air from the front to get in.

CK wrote me with a simple little mod for his KnN style air filter. He made a plexiglass heat shield to protect the intake air from the engine's heat. He left the original fresh air ducting from the rad and connected it to the bottom of his plexiglass heat shield. This way, he gets cool air to the intake. Great idea!

CK's Cool Air Intake mod!

This is not quite a ram air setup but it sure is moving in the right direction. Following up on CK's design, I borrowed an infrared temperature gauge (the type you point and measure) and measured the temperature of my air filter on a mid 70 degF day with the engine hot. It read 117 degF! Ouch that's hot! I've read that you gain 1 hp for each 10 degF drop in intake temperature. So if I can lower the temperature by 40 degF, I would gain another 4 hp! Wahoo!

I've been having a heck of time finding a place to draw cool air! Between the rad and radiator, I cut out a hole and stuck in a flexible high temp hose.

I'm getting some cool air towards the air filter. As I get time, I'll figure out a way to enclose the complete air filter.

For ram air, you would have the system enclosed and the faster the car moves, more cooler air is forced into the carburator. It's like free supercharging! Here's a picture of the ram air setup I have on my 54 Pontiac:

Ram air example

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