Modifying the Rear End

Welcome to the Modifying the Rear End Section! This section details how to do build your own lowering blocks, swap a complete rear end, install gas shocks in an older vehicle and take a look at C clips:

Lowering Blocks - Lowering blocks give the appearance of lowering the body but in actual fact raise the rear axle higher into the wheelwell. You need leaf springs in the rear to do this. Not the ideal way to do it.

Reverse Spring Eyelets -Lowering blocks while lowering the rear-end, unfortunately affect handling. A friend of mine equates them to putting the rear end on stilts. A better method to lower the rear-end by 1 1/2" is to reverse the leaf spring eyelets.

Swapping in a Rear End - Here's some info on swapping a 1976 Camaro 10 bolt rear end into a 1954 Pontiac.

What's to know about C Clips - On a GM 10 bolt differential, the axles are held in place using C clips. Here's the dirt on C clips

Gas Charged Shocks - You can install gas charged shocks for older cars - just takes a bit of looking up and a friendly shock supply store.

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