Replacement Gas Tanks

Your gas tank is leaking, what now? You can find replacement gas tanks and here's information on the different types of replacement gas tanks.

My car's gas tank was in very good shape. It had a little bit of surface rust and a few rock dings, especially on the drivers side. Probably because the passenger's side is protected by the spare tire well. The filler neck is soldered on and had a poor solder joint (crack) at the top. The fuel level sender unit wasn't working also.

I removed the 4 nuts that held the gas tank on with straps, they came off easily, thanks to the night before dose of penetrating oil. The straps were in surpisingly good condition. Wirebrushed then painted black, they looked like new (Blanchard's rule - if it comes off, clean and paint it before putting it back on).

You can purchase replacement gas tanks for a 1954 Chevrolet from several sources Chassis Engineering Inc. They offer 16 gallon polyethylene tanks (AU-5154P) for US $205 or 18.5 gallon stainless steel tanks (AU-5154S) for US $475. Too pricy for me considering I paid only $500 Cdn for the whole car.

Another option is a fuel cell if you can't find a replacement gas tank. A fuel cell is typically used in racing vehicles and would be safe for street use. The cell can be ordered with a "sponge" interior to stop the fuel from sloshing around or flowing to one side of the tank during hard cornering or acceleration. They are made with a rubber bag inside so if the fuel cell outside shell is crushed or damaged in an accident the fuel will still be contained. They outside shell can be made of metal or plastic.

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