Rust Bustin'

Welcome to the Rust Bustin'! This section deals with the basics of rust removal, fixing floorboards, rocker panels, fenders and more!.

Getting to Bare Metal - There's a multitude of methods to strip paint and rust to get to the bare metal. Here's a whack of methods that I've tried and comments on what worked best and quickest.

Electrolytic De-Rustification - Let's use science to come to our rescue in removing rust from those hard to clean parts. We can save our elbow grease for something for important: BEER!

Replacing Rusted Floorboards - Typically, the drivers side floor board rust first. Here's a look at replacing that floorboard with new metal.

Repairing Front Fenders - Surface rust and corner rust - the bane of the front fenders. Take a gander at my experience restoring rusty front fenders to pristine condition.

Rocker Panel War - Under the doors lies the rocker panel and it's never sleeping enemy rust. Read how the rusty rocker panel is cut out and replaced with a new aftermarket panel.

Quarter Panel Nastiness - Above and around the rear wheel well lies rust, here's the story of repairing almost terminal cancer on the rear quarter panel.

Fixing the Trunk Lip - The last part of the car is the the trunk lip. This page discusses rebuilding the trunk lip and sealing every thing up.

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