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For my 1954 Cdn Pontiac, I am using Monroe gas shocks on the front and rear. Beleive it or not, Monroe makes gas shocks to fit the original 54 Chev/Pontiac. They don't appear in their catalogs unless as a special order. Here's the numbers:

  • Front shock pair: Monroe part # LE10001
  • Rear shock (individual): Monroe part # 33044
Here's the ACdelco part numbers and information taken off of the original hydraulic shocks:

Front Shock

     536F    2G8/8L/L.25
     Front   5520054

Rear Shock

     581V    4F6/0V/B1
     Rear    5518019

You can also purchase shocks from J.C.Whitney catalog #634G-01 P.184 Front Shocks Part # 55HE3661P and rear shocks part #55HE3662Y. These are generic part numbers for "hard to find" shock absorbers and they will ask you all the pertinent questions about your vehicle.

Another source which you should be aware of if you have one of the forgotten years of Chevs and Pontiacs (49-54) is the National Chevy Association which deals specifically with 49-54 Chevs. They have online catalogs and links to almost everything that you would need to restore one of these vehicles.

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