The Showcase

Custom Cars - This section takes a look at cars that are often overlooked and then adds some simple customization to create a unique look. Hopefully, this will give you ideas that may lead to a special ride.

53-54 Pix - This is a gallery specifically oriented to 1953 and 54 Chevrolets, American Pontiacs and Canadian Pontiacs.

54 Corvair - In 1954, before television, GM would take a travelling roadshow called the Motorama to all the major cities across North America. This was there major marketing project. They built several show cars and one of them was a fastback Corvette called the Corvair Fastback. This section is dedicated to building a restorod of the Corvair Fastback.

57 Vette - This section talks about the story and road trip to pick up a 1957 Corvette kit car body and frame from the States and the issues on importing it into Canada.

Stories - Every hot rod has a story and this section has several stories and histories of cars including 50s cars, 60s and 70s vehicles.

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