The Incredible Shrinking Disk

The Incredible Shrinking Disk is used to shrink high spots on metal work. It works quite slick and is very easy to shrink high spots compared to the hammer and dolly method.

The incredible shrinking disk!

The basic idea is to use a stainless steel disk on a grinder to warm the high spots (takes about 4 to 6 seconds), then immediately douse the high spot with a wet rag. You want it hot but not hot enough to turn blue. Take your time, repeat as many times as it takes and in a couple of minutes the high spot is gone. It works great!

Here's a very good video demonstrating the shrinking disk in use. No decent audio but the text is excellent.

You can make a shrinking disk quite easily using a stainless steel saucepan lid and a collet for your grinder. I found a 6 inch stainless steel pot lid at a garage sale for $2.00 (included the pot!). Took the lid knob off and drilled a larger hole for a grinder collet. Quick, cheap and easy to make - great tool!

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