Spray Booth and Masking Info

Now your ready to paint but you need to mask the car and a place to spray it. This page discusses quick and easy ways of masking a car. You can't afford to rent a spray booth? How about making your garage into a spraybooth.

This video shows you the latest way to quickly mask a complete car. Don't need to use masking paper, purchase a large sheet of plastic that will completely cover your vehicle, drape it completely over the vehicle, cut out the areas that will be painted and mask the areas you want protected:

Here's a good video on how to build a low cost DIY spray booth in your garage using simple to get materials from your local lumberyard and hardware store:

Things to know when painting:

  • The paint booth must be dust free. This means clean, wash and vacuum the ceiling, floor and walls.
  • Some painters like to dampen the floor to help reduce static.
  • You need LOTS of light - you want to see the reflection from all angles. There is never too much lighting
  • You need ventilation to exhaust the overspray away from the vehicle. Ideally exhaust it up and out. You need a large fan or several small ones that can really pull the CFM
  • You need to filter the exhaust - you can't just exhaust the overspray outside and the paint will magically disappear. One young friend forgot this part and the black overspray coated the side of his parent's house!
  • Protect yourself: wear a respirator, full body suit and gloves. Paint is toxic and can be breathed in and absorbed through the skin.

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