Stainless - The Shiny Stuff

Welcome to the Stainless - The Shiny Stuff pages! This section looks at the shiny parts of the car and how to install and modify them. This section is divided into the following:

Installing the Windshield Stainless - I have a bastardized windshield installation, This is the method that I used to install the windshield stainless, it isn't the "right" method but it works...

Side Stainless - This page discusses the different methods and clips used to install side stainless on a vehicle from screw on to clip on.

Casting Aluminum Side Mirror Bases - I received some nice side mirrors as a present but when I opened the package I found that the bases were made out of cheap plastic. Can't have that so I casted some aluminum bases. This was my first casting experience.

Casting Aluminum Side Mirror Bases - Part 2 - This webpage details the process of casting aluminum using the mirror base as a template. The step by step process is outlined.

Front Bumper - Not being satisfied with the factory install of the bumper, I decided to flip and tuck the front bumper in. Here's how I did it.

Rear Bumper - Applied the same treatment to the rear bumper (flipping and tucking in) as the front bumper and naturally ran into different problems...

Wheel Covers - You have a choice to go with mags, plain steel rims or wheel covers (hubcaps). There are multitudes of wheel covers out there that might give you the look that you want. If not, you can easily modify a wheel cover to give it the custom look.

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