Small Block Chevy (SBC) Starter Motors

Starter Motor Styles - I went to the local wreckers to pick up a starter motor and found out a few things about small block chevy starters. The first is that there are more than one type of starter motor. I found a 1977 Chev Monza with a very dirty block but a nice and clean starter motor. This indicates that a starter was recently installed.

High output starters that are used on 350 and 400 have an extra unused electrical terminal and this one had the extra unused terminal. Great off it came. Unfortunately, the mounting bolt pattern is different than what the 400 block needed. The Monza starter had the starter mounting bolts in line while the 400 block requires them to be offset.


Wrong starter for 400 block, bolt holes are inline while I need offset bolt holes

You can purchase high performance aftermarket mini-starters that will have both bolt patterns. Interestingly, they will also fit the big block chevy (BBC) engines.

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