Switching out the Mass Air Flow Sensor

The stock MAF for the 2.3L (100 hp) is the same one that is used on the 3.0L (145 hp) engines. It appears that the stock MAF can flow enough air already to support up to 145 hp! The real issue is the air flow through the complete cold air intake system from outside air to the fuel injector body inlet. The available air flow of the stock MAF explains why we can go to a larger fuel injector!

Stock 2.3L MAF

Having said that, I thought that since I've swapped in 19 lb fuel injectors (vs. stock 14 lb), I would swap in a MAF from a 4.0L Ranger (almost bolt in) that uses 21 lb fuel injectors. My thinking was that the 4.0L MAF calibration with 21 lb injectors would be closer to the 19 lb injectors than the stock Ranger 14 lb MAF calibration.

Well, was I WRONG! The Ranger would barely idle, and feathering the throttle was everything I could do to keep the engine running to drive painfuly slow around the block. Foot to the floor made no difference - it was quite funny as it did the exact opposite of what I hoped for!

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