Fabricating a Temperature Control Valve

The stock heater core temperature control was worn out and leaked. Unfortunately, there's no aftermarket replacement. The rubber seals were worn and there was no way that you could take it apart and rebuild it. The heater control valve restricts hot engine coolant through the heater core. Ideally, it should bypass the core but in my case, I just restricted the coolant. Here's my step by step procedure to modify a modern readily available unit to work with the original 1954 heater assembly.

Here's the stock heater control valve.

This is the bottom of the heater box. The floor would be the firewall. The tab in the upper right is where the temperature control valve mounts.

While searching throught the wreckers, I found a mid 80s Toyota Corolla heater control valve that looked like it would work.

I made a flat plate to mount it to and welded on the heater control cable mounting tab to it.

I had to reposition the lever on the valve so that it would be moved properly by the temperature control cable.

Another view of it.

Here's the backside view.

Here it is mounted in the correct physical position on the heater box.

Here's another view. I used a 90 deg heater hose to route it through the firewall.

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