Tools and Other Stuff

Welcome to the Tools and Other Stuff Section! This section deals with the oddball specialty tools that are used while fabricating a custom vehicle. There's also so other stuff thrown in which doesn't quite fit anywhere else.

Information on Air Compressors - One of the most often used tools is the shop air compressor. On this page, it details maintaining the shop compressor.

Old Skool Wheel Alignment - This page details adjusting your wheel alignment using the old skool wheel alignment procedure: strings, measurements and rotary plates

Metal Bashin' - Here's the real down to Earth body working tools and supplies: selecting the tools, shrinking high spots, finishing putties, air tools and hand tools.

Electrical Tools of the Trade - This page talks about the wiring tools and the basic wiring components that you need to know about before you start - good preparation info.

Sand Casting Aluminum and Iron - Every once in a while, you need a custom part that isn't easily machined or fabricated. Here's my first time adventures in casting aluminum and iron parts. The parts came out pretty nice.

Automatic Garage Door Closer - Ever left your garage door open, drove away and forgot to close it? Here's a nifty little circuit that I dreamed up that will automatically close the door if it was left open for more than 5 minutes. It gives a 30 second warning before closing in case you are out talking to the neighbors in the back alley.

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