Transmission and Driveshaft

Welcome to the Transmission Section! This section details how to swap in a late model transmission, modify a crossmember, fabricate linkage, install a cooler and more:

X-Member - This page talks about how to modify the transmission crossmember to swap in a late model transmission

Shifter - This page discusses how to machine up transmission linkage from the tranny to the shifter

Kickdown Linkage - Here's how to connect the transmission kickdown linkage from the tranny to the carburator which in this case is a Quadrajet.

Calibrate - This page talks about calibrating the speedometer to your rear end gears and selecting the right speedo gears to make it accurate.

Cooler - Here's step by step installation procedure for installing a tranny cooler

Radiator An automatic transmission needs its fluid cooled and you must have piping running to the radiator

Driveshaft - Swapping in a newer transmission into your ride usually means shortening or lengthing the driveshaft. Here's the info on how to do that.

Modifying B&M Unimatic Shifter - The B&M Unimatic floor shifter doesn't come with a backup light switch and there's no kit to add one so here's how to add a backup light switch and improve the shifter too!

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