Machine your own Front Suspension

This section, called Machine your own Front Suspension, details how to machine your own tubular control arm suspension including machining dropped uprights from design to assembly. It is divided into:

The Front Suspension and The Idea - This page shows the original kingpin suspension and problems associated with it that lead to the idea of designing my own tubular control arm ball-joint front suspension.

3D Suspension Design - This page discusses the design steps and 3D modeling that took place using Autocad with images of the modeled suspension.

Machining the Uprights/Spindles - Starting from a rectangular block of steel, all you have to do is remove everything that isn't part of the upright/spindle assembly!

Bending the Upper Control Arms - The Penthouse or upper control arms are adjustable and are used to dial in the caster and camber settings. Here's how they were made.

Making Lower Control Arms - The lower control arms are fixed and the reference point for the upper control arms. They are made from thick wall bent tubing and TIG welded together for strength

Creating Disk Brakes Mounts - Part of designing a front suspension is incorporating the braking system. Brake caliper mounts were included in the design as part of the 4 wheel disk system - pretty nice for a 1954 Pontiac!

Coil Spring and Swaybar Mounts - The lower control arms support the coil springs and need a strong coil spring mount. The lower control arm also connects to the swaybar for improved handling. Watch out Vettes, this 54 Pontiac can handle!

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