Tuck n Roll

Welcome to the Tuck n Roll pages! This section looks at finishing off the interior. I'm not a professional upholsterer and usually do things the hard way. Here's how I finished my interior. This section is divided into the following:

Door and Side Panels - Here's a step by step tutorial on building custom door and side panels. Probably not the best method but it works and is well within the capabilities of most do it yourselfers like me!

Prepping the Roof - Before you install the headliner, there's a few things that you should do: clean it, paint it, add sound deadner and insulate it.

Installing a Headliner - The joy of working on things over head! Then add one large sheet of fabric in a confined space, you have hell on wheels. Here's my adventure...

Re-Upholstering Sun Visors - You have two options: purchase a new uphostery kit to refinish your sun visors or sew up your own. I chose to sew up my own using the leftover fabric from the headliner. This is at the limit of my sewing abilities!

Finding the Right Seats - You have a choice on whether to reupholster the old seats or find newer ones that will fit. I chose to search the junkyards with a measuring tape and found a nice set that looks period correct!

Installing Carpet - There's a few steps to do before installing the carpet that include protecting the electrical runs, sound deadening and insulation.

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