Working on the Ventilation

Welcome to the Working on the Ventilation pages! This section looks at getting air into the interior. Depending on your climate, you will need air conditioning or heating installed. Both require outside air vents to bring in fresh air. This section is divided into the following:

Custom Fresh Air Ventilation - When you customize an old school ride like my 54 Pontiac, some things get left out. In my case, the modifications to engine compartment blocked the factory fresh air intakes to the passenger compartment. Here's how I worked around it.

Modding the Heater - Unfortunately, the passenger heater was not exempt from the modifications so here's how I modified the heater to work around the custom mods to the engine compartment's passenger air intake.

Heater Temperature Control - The stock heater core temperature control was worn out and leaked. Unfortunately, there's no aftermarket replacement. Here's my step by step procedure to modify a modern readily available unit to work with the original 1954 heater assembly.

Air Conditioner Options - Depending on where you live, air conditioning may be an absolute requirement. Here's some information on adding in air conditioning.

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