Re-Upholstering the Sun Visors

You have two options: purchase a new uphostery kit to refinish your sun visors or sew up your own. I chose to sew up my own using the leftover fabric from the headliner. This is at the limit of my sewing abilities!

The plan was to make a visor sock that would slip over the existing visor, then velcro close the end. You sew it inside out then turn it right side out. The sewing seams end up on the inside and you have a nice edge. Because it is one piece of fabric folded over, there ends up to be just one seam on one side. If you plan it well the velcro tabs are hidden against the roof and you never see them except when you are using the visors. Here's how I did it.

I placed the original well worn visor over top a folded piece of leftover headliner fabric and traced it out. Marked where I want the pieces to overlap for the velcro.

Here's the passenger side visor sewn together and slipped over top the original. Not too bad! Spray a little water and let dry, the fabric will shrink to fit tightly!

The is the limit of my sewing ability, probably should of used smaller width velcro strips and sewed them in a circle. You can't really see this as 99% of the time it is hidden against the roof.

All in all, it didn't take too long to do make these. As my daughter told me after, make sure that the pins used to hold the cloth together while you are sewing face away from you. That way you don't prick yourself 17 times!

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