DIY Wheel Alignment

This DIY Wheel Alignment section is divided into:

Leveling the Playing Field - This page talks about what you need to do to get ready to do a wheel alignment: level the vehicle, find centers, etc...

Setting the Initial Toe In - Once the vehicle is setup and ready for the wheel alignment. You start with an initial toe-in adjustment

Adjusting the Toe In - Now you're ready for the fine adjustment of toe-in and it make take a while. Several methods can be used: string or dime store laser.

Old School Tools - Professional wheel alignment tools use lasers and cost megabucks and are fast. But the old school tools work just as well with patience and time.

Adjusting the Camber Angle - The Caster and Camber angles interact with each other so you start by adjusting the Camber angle then go to the castor angle.

Adjusting the Caster Angle - Once the camber angle is adjusted, you adjust the castor angle. Then you start all over agains until both are where you want them.

Checking the Steering Axis Inclination Angle - The steering axis inclination angle is built into the design of the spindle and upright. You can check it but you can't change it. Here's how to check.

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