Custom Wheel Covers

axle-spring offset

1976 Camaro Mags

I decided that the Camaro mags were too harsh and sharp for the look that I was going for. So I replaced the rear mags with stock steel rims from a 77 Grand Prix which had 1/4" negative offset. This helped center the wheel better. I also decided that I will go with some sort of wheel cover - more inline with 50s Kustoms and my pocket book. Ideally, I would like full size baby moons or spun racing disks - sort of Bonneville Salt Flat style. I'm checking out factory stock wheel covers to see if any are relatively flat. One wheel cover that I particularly like is used on 80s Cutlass Cruiser wagons but they are only for 14" rims. Another one that caught my eye is used on Voyager minivans. Can't wait to get back to the wreckers to see what will work for me...

When I was running back and forth to the local used tire shop mounting and remounting the tires, the shop owner happened to mention that he had a set of 69 Cadillac hubcaps and I could have them if I wanted them. Well, never one to refuse something free, I took them home. Polished up one and installed it - excellent! Just the custom look I wanted at the right price too!

69 Cadillac hubcap

1969 Cadillac Hubcap

Jason, one of my buddies picked up a 67 Polara with tri-bar spinners added to the hubcaps. I liked the look and found out that JC Whitney sells them for dirt cheap. They have two models: straight wing tri-bar spinners (47SZ3597X) like the ones shown below and swept wing tri-bar spinners (47SZ3597R). The best part is that they sell them for $9.95 a pair. They are made out of chromed metal and are surprisingly well made. You can't beat that deal!


Take one 69 Cadillac hubcap, add one tribar spinner

custom hubcap

Put them together and you get one custom hubcap

Final Hubcap Choice

I was driving around town and saw an older Pontiac with baby moon hubcaps with the Pontiac logo in the middle. I found out that they are 1973 Pontiac GTO poverty hubcaps that are exactly the look that I'm looking for. They have the Pontiac symbol in red in the center and give the car an aggressive look but still period looking. The 69 Caddy hubcaps with the tri-bar spinners were a little too kustom and sedate for what I was looking for.

1973 Pontiac GTO poverty hubcaps with the required 8 ball valve caps

Here's how the car looks - aggressive with a nice rake!

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