Window Regulators

When I purchased my 1954 Pontiac, it was all apart in boxes. The window felt and felt guides for the glass were in absolutely horrible shape. A big problem for me was identifying what was needed and what it was called.

Driver's side quarter window regulator

The above picture shows the driver's side quarter window regulator, cleaned up and painted. It is mounted at about a 30 degree angle. The short channel is bolted to the inside of the body. It is fixed and the bottom of the X of the regulator slides in it. The top of the regulator's X is connected to the bottom of the window channel. The black cover is bolted on top of the regulator and the same bolts hold each which makes it tricky to install!

The glass is press fit into a metal U shaped channel called a sash - its the black rusty channel in the pictures below. There is a rubber liner pressed in with the glass into the sash. Some rubber liners have a 1" edge on the outer side to prevent water from rusting the regulator mechanism.

The sash has two small brackets attached at the bottom for holding the window regulator roller channel (silver in pix) which the rollers slide in. Notice that the door glass roller channels are longer (14") than the quarter window ones. Also notice that there is a left and a right with a slight angle between the roller channel and sash. Interestingly, the sashes for the door are shorter than the quarter windows. Exact opposite of the roller channels.

Here's the outer side view of the window sashes. From top to bottom: passenger side door, driver's side door, passenger side quarter window, driver's side quarter panel window. The arrows point to the front of the car.

Here's the inside view in the same order. My friend Dan, shipped the top roller channel from England for me!

Here's the window sashes before clean up and painting (same order)

The regulator rollers are slipped on before the roller channels are screwed on to the sash. The screw heads block the rollers from sliding out and also in! This means that you install the regulators in pieces in the body - awkward!

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