Wiring the Electrical

Welcome to the Wirin' Section! This section details has lots of information on the basics of wiring from fuse blocks, to wire crimps and more!:

Tools of the Trade - This page talks about the wiring tools and the basic wiring components that you need to know about before you start - good preparation info.

Fuse Blocks - This page discusses how to find the ultimate fuse block that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Wiring Crimps and Crimpers - Here's everything that you need to know about wiring crimps and crimpers and more! Get ready for an eye opening lesson.

Relays - Relay basics - the difference between industrial and automotive relays and how I found out about it.

Fusible Links - These little critters are hidden in your wiring harness and provide the last resort when you have an electrical short.

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